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Get powered up with the world’s #1 most comprehensive power yoga program!

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'Power Yoga GOLD' with Travis Eliot


Are you looking to power up your body, mind, and life?

Hi, I'm Travis Eliot.

This program is for anyone ready to take their life to the next level — the yoga way!

Power Yoga GOLD gives you a GOLD mine of yoga!

What is Power Yoga?

Power Yoga is an athletic meditation in motion.

Power Yoga encompasses all components of fitness — strength, flexibility, balance, and stamina. This dynamic style of yoga leaves you invigorated but sweetly fatigued.

Breath is the foundation of Power Yoga — the breath is the fuel driving you through the practice — the breath is also the anchor of the mind.

Power Yoga GOLD will work out every muscle group in the body — there may not be a more balanced approach to fitness.

Each link of the body chain, through power yoga, will become strong, supple and resilient!

Power Yoga empowers you to be the master of your life!

An in-class feel, right at home.

Many of the classes in Power Yoga GOLD were filmed LIVE — providing an in-class feeling, all within the comfort of your own home!

In addition to Power Yoga, this program also includes Yin Yoga, Gentle Yoga and Meditation.

ALL classes and content are downloadable! 

Over the course of 90 days you will:

Increase Strength

You will use your natural body weight to build proportionate strength. As a bonus, many of the poses will also build stronger bones.

Improve Muscle Tone

Power Yoga GOLD is the ultimate cross train promoting a lean, well-defined muscular body.

Enhance Flexibility

Each power yoga class incorporates dynamic and static stretching to improve your mobility. Power Yoga GOLD also incorporates Yin Yoga, a practice that enhances suppleness within the fascia.

Amplify Fat Loss

Power Yoga GOLD produces a cardio effect helping to decrease body fat percentage. Plus, the "Vitality" food program helps you to look and feel amazing!

Promote Calm

Power Yoga GOLD focuses equally on physical and mental wellness. You will melt away both tension and stress by activating the relaxation response of the parasymphathetic nervous system. 

These benefits are just the beginning.

Power Yoga is both a Work Out and a Work In.

Power Yoga is Exercise and Innercise.  You will strengthen your body while you strengthen your mind.

You can be the strongest, fittest person on the planet, but if your mind is weak your physical strength is irrelevant.

In this program you will strengthen EVERY dimension of you.

Power Yoga GOLD is life changing!

In addition to hours of dynamic practices, Power Yoga GOLD also incorporates PowerTalks and PowerSheets.

The PowerTalks and PowerSheets will super charge you with inspiration and motivation!

Are you passionate about reaching your fullest potential?

Then Power Yoga GOLD is perfect for YOU! I will be there — step by step — like your personal yoga coach, to guide you through this epic journey!

Who is Power Yoga GOLD for?

Power Yoga GOLD was designed for intermediate yoga students who want a 90 day life-changing program.

HOWEVER, I teach to ALL-LEVELS, so if you are brand new to yoga, I encourage you to take as many breaks as you like.

I also offer modifications so you can choose which variation of the pose feels right for your body. My message to ALL students is, “honor what your body is speaking through the language of sensation.”

If you are looking for an easy, gentle, slow yoga program, with visual close ups of the postures, then Power Yoga GOLD is probably not the right fit for you.

Many of the Power Yoga GOLD classes were filmed LIVE. Although filmed in high definition, these classes are not movie picture quality. If you are looking for cutting-edge cinematic videos, then we recommend visiting innerdimensionmedia.com.
However most of my online students rarely have to look at the screen because the cueing is crystal clear!
Don't Miss Out!
Start the Power Yoga GOLD program and I will guide you through 90 days of powering up your body, mind and life!

Don't Miss Out!

Start the Power Yoga GOLD program and I will guide you through 90 days of powering up your body, mind and life!

What You Get...

 90 Day Power Yoga GOLD Program
(Value: $500)

When you sign up, you will immediately get access to a GOLD mine of yoga —35+ hours of yoga practice! Plus, our digital platform allows you to stream and/or download all classes to your favorite electronic devices.

Although Power Yoga GOLD is power yoga based — yin yoga, gentle yoga and meditation are also included in the program.

For the first time ever, I’ve also raised the bar by incorporating exciting extra elements!

Each week starts off with a special PowerTalk, as I motivate and inspire you through the 90 days. The 14 PowerTalks are designed to emPOWER you with uplifting stories, quotes, science, and exercises. These weekly PowerTalks total up to 4 hours and 10 minutes of powerful inspiration!

In addition to the PowerTalks, Power Yoga GOLD also comes with 60+ pages of PowerSheets. Each week you will be able to download these exclusive worksheets to explore special themes.

The PowerTalks and PowerSheets will super-charge your daily practice both on and off the mat! I’ve also included a “7 Day Vitality” food program to power up your nutrition.

Lastly, you will get access to the online Power Yoga GOLD community where you can interact with people all over the world moving through the program just like you. Leave your comments under the videos to share your thoughts.

Be In Your Power

Explode your health and vitality into uncharted territory.


BONUS #1 ($100 Value!)

Power Yoga 30

Power Yoga 30 offers 10 (30 minute) classes with Travis, one on one. These shorter practices are perfect for when you are limited on time. Power Yoga 30 offers you a variety of themes keeping your yoga practicing fun, engaging and time efficient!

Classes include:
1. Power Yoga “Cross Train” (30 min.)
2. Power Yoga “Strength” (30 min.)
3. Power Yoga “Detox” (30 min.)
4. Power Yoga “Cardio” (30 min.)
5. Power Yoga “Backbends” (30 min.)
6. Power Yoga “Flexibility” (30 min.)
7. “Gentle Yoga” (30 min.)
8. Power Yoga “Balance” (30 min.)
9. Power Yoga “Kung Fu” (30 min.)
10. Power Yoga “Archer” (30 min.)

BONUS #2 ($50 Value!)

Flow and Go!

Have a super busy day but still need yoga? “Flow and Go!” has you covered with 11 (10 minute) classes with Travis, one on one. This series offers Travis’ dynamic, creative sequencing in an incredibly short period of time — even 10 minutes of yoga can be potent and powerful!

Classes include:
1. Flow and Go! “Cross Train” (10 min.)
2. Flow and Go! “HardCORE” (10 min.)
3. Flow and Go! “Cardio” (10 min.)
4. Flow and Go! “Strength” (10 min.)
5. Flow and Go! “Gentle” (10 min.)
6. Flow and Go! “Detox” (10 min.)
7. Flow and Go! “Vitality” (10 min.)
8. Flow and Go! “Yin” (10 min.)
9. Flow and Go! “Flexibility” (10 min.)
10. Flow and Go! “Mt. Pose Series” (10 min.)
11. Flow and Go! “Balance” (10 min.)

Sign Up for Power Yoga GOLD right now and you get:

Power Yoga GOLD
90 Day Program
$500 Value

• 17 (90 min.) Classes
• 7 (60 min.) Classes
• 6 (30 min.) Classes
• PowerSheets (60+ pages)
• PowerTalks (4 hours and 10 minutes)
• 7 Day “Vitality” Food Program
• Program Calendar
• Immediate access to PY GOLD online community

Power Yoga 30
$100 Value

• 10 (30 minute) classes

Flow and Go!
$50 Value

• 11 (10 minute) classes

Total Value: $650

Your Special Price: $199.95

(SAVE $450)

Are you ready to join me for 90 days of transformation and awakening?

Study with one of the world’s top yoga and meditation instructors!

Meet Your Yoga Guide, Travis Eliot

"I think Power Yoga GOLD is the best thing you've ever released. Wow! A gold mine, indeed. Wow... just wow." "

-Rob Dansak
3 time alumni of The Ultimate Yogi

"Travis Eliot has given me a better focus for every aspect of my life. I'm always excited to roll out the mat and do some yoga! "

-AJ Pollock
All Star Baseball Player for Los Angeles Dodgers

"Wow...I absolutely love this program so far. Thank you so much for putting it out."

-Francie Zarate

"I just did Day 1 after watching the intro video and reading powersheets... The Ultimate Yogi was life changing and now I believe Power Yoga GOLD will elevate me again."

-Loreta Kurkowski

"Could this be the best Travis Eliot class I've ever taken? ...Dare I say the LIVE in-class element brings more energy to a home practice than online classes we're used to!"

-Danna Justis

"Challenging, focused and energetic for me! Thank you, Travis, for introducing Power Yoga GOLD. I really enjoy your teaching style! "

-Kelly Brown

"Travis Eliot has a really inspiring balance of insightful wisdom, dynamic encouragement, and a fun sense of humor. Travis' teachings bring genuine love and offer a practice that is healing, inspiring, and effective."

-Stic of dead prez
Hip Hop Artist, Founder of RBG Fit Club, Healthy Gangsta

"…what makes Travis a true teacher is the depth of his heart, his intention to serve and most importantly his ability to create a space to allow one to find their own inner teacher."

- Saul David Raye,
Yoga Teacher, Healer, Sacred Activist

"LA’s Rockstar Yoga Teachers "

-Voyage and Soap

"There is no teacher I know of more balanced and capable than Travis Eliot."

-Bryan Kest
Power Yoga

"Travis' teaching style is intensely dynamic, meditative and transforming. "

-LA Yoga Magazine

"I love that these are live videos of real classes because it is almost like being there. Thank you so much for putting together thius course. Namaste!"

-Marilyn Solsky

"Travis Eliot is one of the most honest and authentic teachers I've ever known. Travis doesn't just teach the practice--he embodies it, which to me, is one of the greatest qualities of a teacher."

-Michael Wong
Author of Sit Down, Be Quiet

"Travis Eliot is truly one of the brightest rising stars in the yoga world. "

-Sara Ivanhoe
Yoga Teacher

"Travis Eliot shares his deep knowledge of Yoga, Ayurveda and devotional music in every practice, whether in person or on a DVD. His heartfelt approach is accessible to students of all levels of ability. If you're having a rough day, his gentle manner, twinkle in his eye and prescise instruction never fail to uplift body, mind and soul. "

- Felicia Marie Tomasko
Editor-in-Chief, LA YOGA Ayurveda and Health Magazine

"a pioneer and innovator! "


In 2004, Travis survived a near drowning experience while attending a yoga retreat in Kauai. When faced with his death, Travis was most saddened he wouldn’t get to say goodbye to the people he loved. Fortunately, his life was saved, and Travis decided to leave the entertainment business and pursue his spiritual path. The near drowning experience taught him the lesson — in the end there is only love. We don’t think about our bank account, or house, or job — we think about the people we love.

Almost a year later, Travis narrowly escaped the largest natural catastrophe in modern history — the Tsunami of 2005. After witnessing two tidal waves demolish his resort, he found safety at the highest point on the island. This experience taught him the lesson — all things are impermanent.

These two cathartic events inspired Travis to begin teaching yoga and meditation.

Since 2005, Travis has passionately dedicated his life to teaching.

He teaches his signature Holistic Yoga Flow classes in Los Angeles and in workshops, festivals and retreats around the world. His style is intensely dynamic and has inspired many of today's top athletes, celebrities, and entertainers.

Most recently Travis has become passionate about spreading yoga and meditation inside maximum security prisons. This work has proven to bring light to the darkest of places.

He is the creator of the groundbreaking programs The Ultimate Yogi, Yoga 30 for 30, along with many other best-selling yoga DVDs.

His book “Journey Into Yin Yoga,” was a #1 Amazon Hottest New Release. He is also the co-author of “Holistic Yoga Flow: The Path of Practice.”

His highly acclaimed chant album, The Meaning of Soul, debuted at No. 3 on the iTunes world music chart.

He is the CEO of Inner Dimension Media, director of Holistic Yoga Flow teacher trainings and a member of the faculty of the prestigious Kripalu Institute and 1440 Multiversity. A Yoga Alliance-certified E-RYT 500 instructor, Travis has been featured in Yoga Journal, Yoga Magazine, LA YOGA Ayurveda and Health, Mantra magazine, Om Yoga magazine, Conscious Lifestyle, Asana Journal, Self, Fitness Trainer, Access Hollywood, and The Huffington Post.

Enhance every aspect of your life.

Total Value: $650

Your Special Price: $199.95 
(SAVE $450)


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